Judith Lane

The music industry has changed significantly in the last few years. In the not too distant past, it was deemed to be a great achievement to release an album. The success of the musician depended on frequent replays on radio, album sales, and stage shows.

Today, the scene is entirely different. Nowadays music lovers just download their favorite song or listen to it on online streaming sites. One can listen to music anywhere and anytime, just like they can trade online with Millionaire Blueprint; furthermore, one need not buy a full album but just download or buy online their favorite songs.

How can you create a market for yourself?

In the present scenario to stay afloat, you have to create new music and diversify your talent into related fields. If you want to improve your finances then it is necessary that you don’t stop at honing only one skill but try to cultivate multiple skills.

How will multiple skills help?

Multiple skills mean multiple sources of income; therefore if one source dries up, you will still be left with others to tide you through. In fact, today several musicians adopt this method to sustain themselves and their music.

Tips to improve your finances in the music field

There are several ways to make money with your music in today’s world. Do not doubt your ability to do any of them. Be positive and select a few of things listed below and make a beginning.

  • Play live gigs: It has become a norm of late to schedule gigs for parties, weddings and other small celebrations and events by one and all. You will be astonished at the popularity of these gigs. So just schedule a live gig in your local stores or at a friend’s party, to begin with. Once people like your music you will be invited for more. You can also sell your album (if you have one) at such events.
  • Be ready to be hired: For an instrumentalist, this is one of the best ways to make money doing what you love. There is no shame in playing for other musicians or letting yourself to be hired for gigs by other musicians; studio work and creating background scores are good options to consider. Not only will you be in the midst of action but you will also earn a living.
  • Sell your original songs: Any new music or song that you write or create is protected by the copyright. You can decide what you want to do with it. One of the many profitable ways is to sell the original rights to TV or film commercials. You get paid instantly and often the pay is good. You can also give your songs to publishers who can record them by using other artists. The accompanying royalties are often large.
  • Make use of the internet: Learn to use the social media for your benefit. It is here that you can reach out to a cross-section of people spread across the globe. Once you become famous on YouTube, the mullah will start flowing in.
  • Music classes:  Teaching music is one of the oldest ways of making your music earn money for you. To supplement your income you can take music classes both in person and online via Skype.

Thus, by employing any or all of these methods you can start earning money with your music. The foundation to financial success in the musical industry is to make a beginning, however, small and insignificant it is.

Judith Lane has worked since 1994 as a Teaching Artist in the Metropolitan Opera Guild’s “Creating Original Opera” Program. She has also designed and conducted independent writing and performance workshops with school children in California, New York, and Germany. Ms. Lane studied music composition and creative writing at Bennington College, and received an MFA from NYU’s Musical Theatre Writing Program. She continues to write and compose musical theatre, and was commissioned to write and direct two operas for the Children’s Opera Company of Ossining. Ms. Lane has been three times acknowledged with the BRIO Award (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) for playwriting from the Bronx Council on the Arts, and has received numerous ASCAP Awards for music composition. She is a published children’s book author and has been in awarded residencies at many art colonies in the US, Spain and Costa Rica.


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